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Welcome to our newly updated website we hope that you enjoy browsing and, please do not forget to check out our event page (blog) to see what he is doing next. This is Leo’s by the Sea Furion, that’s his registered name and his call name is Chewee. Chewee is a Leonberger; this is a very rare pure breed that originated from the St Bernard, Great Pyrenees, and Newfoundland Breeds. He has certain features that define his breed, such as webbed feet & double coat. One of the things the leonberger is known for is their swimming ability. With their webbed feet they handle the water with ease and even train for water rescue. They also do very well with obedience, snow rescue and cart pulling.

Leonberger’s were bred to look like a Lion, so that’s where they got their nick name “The Lion Dog” They molt their hair twice a year and a lot of brushing in necessary to keep it from getting knots. Chewee is a family member & show dog with the AKC, UKC, ARBA, AND LCA clubs. He has many first place ribbons and placement ribbons. Chewee is now working on his Canadian Championship titles, and travels from state to state every month and sometimes every week. Chewee loves the cameras and is known for his fabulous work on the set and at photo shoots.

There is approximately only 4400 Leonbergers in the United States now, but more and more people are becoming aware of this great family oriented breed because they are excellent dogs. They must be a part of a family unit; they do not like to be left alone all day by themselves. Socialization is key for any breed but if done properly they will get along with any other animal.

A little history of Leonbergers

Heinrich Essig, who lived (1809-1889) was a successful politician with a genius for marketing and public relations. He was an alderman and a prominent citizen as well as Mayor, in Leonberg, a town on the outskirts of Stuttgart in southern Germany. (Leonberg is just 50 kilometers from Rottweil, another famous town that gave its name to the dog breed that originated there.)